Tool Support at a Glance

The biNu #datafree Platform incorporates a range of tools to help you to quickly and efficiently develop and operate #datafree Websites and Apps.
For details of the various tools available for biNu products, see the table below.

Platform Tools

biNu #datafree Platform

Our biNu #datafree Platform is your central interface for #datafree development, configuration and implementation. It includes workflows for registration of #datafree Websites and Apps, and links to biNu tools that will help you set up and use biNu #datafree products. Once deployed, the biNu #datafree Platform also provides data usage reporting of your #datafree Website or App.

biNu Knowledge Base

The biNu Knowledge Base provides a comprehensive, searchable guide to developing #datafree Websites and Apps. For #datafree MAX you’ll find sections on component overview, element descriptions, markdown & style reference and design considerations, all readily accessed via the biNu #datafree Platform.

biNu Analytics and Insight

The biNu #datafree Platform includes data usage reporting as standard. We also serve a comprehensive and powerful set of analysis reports for #datafree Apps (WRAP, SWITCH and MAX).

These include:

  • Audience size and engagement
  • Data usage across networks, geography and time
  • Cohort analysis
  • Session analysis

Tools for #datafree Websites

Website #datafree Visualiser

Accessed through the biNu #datafree Platform, the Website #datafree Visualiser provides analysis on all Domains accessed whilst browsing the website, highlighting content that will / will not be served #datafree. It can be used throughout the development of a #datafree website with the #datafree REACH product, and for ongoing quality assurance after the site is live.

Website #datafree Workbench

Used in conjunction with the Website #datafree Visualiser, the Website #datafree Workbench lets developers identify all Domains and URLs that are accessed directly OR exist within the website content that is delivered to the browser during a session. Accessed through the biNu #datafree Platform, the tool can be used to generate the Domain mappings and URL encoding rules that will be required to convert the site to #datafree.

Tools for #datafree Apps

biNu App Tutorial

New to the biNu #datafree Platform? The biNu App Tutorial gives developers clear guidance on the steps involved in developing a #datafree MAX App. Accessed from the Getting Started page and the biNu #datafree Platform, we walk you through the development process, highlighting key constructs and modules.

biNu App XML Assistant

The biNu App XML Assistant lets developers validate the biNu XML created during development of a #datafree MAX App. Accessed from the biNu #datafree Platform, the tool includes interactive validation features, source XML views and XML parsing reports.

biNu App Traffic Viewer

Used during the development of a biNu App, the biNu App Traffic Viewer provides a visual representation of all requests and content being trafficked between the App and the Publisher’s backend services. Accessed through the biNu #datafree Platform, it can be used for validating data usage, image optimisation and to assist in the identification and resolution of App service issues.

biNu App WatchDog

Monitor the security and control of the data delivered through your App both in Development and Production. Accessed through the biNu #datafree Platform, the biNu App Watchdog uses the access rules defined for your #datafree – enabled App to identify requests rejected by the biNu #datafree Platform, plus any errors logged as a result of invalid / unexpected responses from the Publisher backend services.