Extend your reach and engagement into the mass-market by delivering your content #datafree (learn more)


  • Hassle free reverse billed zero-rated content delivery across the major South African mobile networks.
  • Build a new #datafree app or convert existing apps and websites
  • Highly optimise app data efficiency to reduce data costs by up to 95%
  • Cost effective to deliver
  • Quick and easy to maintain

Your business or organisation will benefit from crashing through the data cost barrier to reach and engage mass-market mobile consumers.

Build a #datafree app from a website


Build a #datafree app from an existing app


Build a #datafree app with your content

Compare the different approaches to building a #datafree App

What is biNu?

50% of users in emerging countries cannot use the data capabilities on their phones. At biNu we have built a comprehensive platform using our #datafree system to overcome the barriers that hold them back. Use this platform to build a lightweight mobile application for your business and reach out to them.

biNu Technology

Our smart technology reduces data usage by over 95% and allows us to establish a zero rated network (#datafree) using reverse billing. This results in no data cost to the app user.

Find out how you can reach a wider audience in emerging countries ahead of your competitors.

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Building a biNu App

Using the biNu platform, we have made building an app easy. We will guide you through a simple process to generate your own branded app.

Did you know that your app can provide integrated monetisation through ads which are data light and do not slow the user experience?

Have a look at some of our live examples below.