Affordable and Cost Effective

The biNu #datafree Platform is ‘Software as a Service’.  Our competitive pricing simply reflects the implementation, product mix and data usage required.

  • Base Platform Monthly Fee – pricing starts at US$70 (R1,000) per month
  • Reverse Billed Data Charges – pricing starts at US$0.017 (R0.235) per MB
  • Development sandbox available free of charge
  • Monthly agreements available
  • Tier based pricing available with a 12 month contract
  • Data Cost Example – #datafree MAX App Goal Zero typical user session:
  • 18 minutes engagement per session
  • 0.3MB of data used
  • About one US cent per session (R0.07), that’s >200 user sessions for a US$1
  • Set up / Consultancy – implementation dependent
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