Sending SMS texts? Create a short URL for your new #datafree REACH website.

Standard short URL services aren’t #datafree. Recipients need mobile data to follow a link.


So instead biNu offers #datafree ShortCode URLs:

  • They’re short, snappy and, if followed, don’t require any mobile data
  • #datafree ShortCode URLs look like this: <yourcode>
  • <yourcode> can be as succinct as 4 characters (a-z and 0-9)
  • The biNu #datafree Platform automatically redirects requests to the #datafree ShortCode to your #datafree REACH website
  • For instance ‘‘ could redirect to ‘
  • The #datafree ShortCode Service is available for a nominal monthly administration charge


For more information and to register a #datafree ShortCode for your #datafree REACH Website, get in touch today.