#datafree for Websites

biNu’s data reverse-billing solution means visitors pay nothing.

Publish your website so it can be accessed in a mobile browser #datafree.

Build your new website/microsite #datafree or convert your existing website. Make simple code modifications or use the biNu #datafree Workbench to create dynamic #datafree mappings.

Take your existing website and quickly replicate it as a smartphone App #datafree.

Deploy your website  as a #datafree app in under an hour. #datafree WRAP Apps work best with mobile optimised websites. You can mix and match with #datafree MAX content.

#datafree for Apps

biNu’s data reverse-billing solution means users pay nothing.

Publish your existing App #datafree with minimal redevelopment.

Converting an App to #datafree is quick and simple. You’ll get real-time network connection status; traffic control tools; user and session reporting;  traffic optimisation analytics and more.

Develop a new data-efficient, #datafree App utilising the biNu #datafree Platform.

If delivering the fastest, lightest experience is your priority, this is for you. It’s ideal for building an Android mobile app using your backend server skills, or building a #datafree optimised app quickly without significant cost.

#datafree Traffic to an IP Address

biNu’s data reverse-billing solution means users pay nothing.

Reverse bill all traffic along an IP address.

When you register for #datafree DIRECT, you are immediately assigned a zero-rated IP address pre-registered with the MNOs. You will be live in minutes, not weeks.