#datafree for Websites

biNu’s data reverse-billing solution means visitors pay nothing.

Publish your website so it can be accessed in a mobile browser #datafree.

Build your new website/microsite #datafree or convert your existing website. Make simple code modifications or use the biNu #datafree Workbench to create dynamic #datafree mappings.

Take your existing website and quickly replicate it as a smartphone App #datafree.

Deploy your website  as a #datafree app in under an hour. #datafree WRAP Apps work best with mobile optimised websites. You can mix and match with #datafree MAX content.

#datafree for Apps

biNu’s data reverse-billing solution means users pay nothing.

Publish your existing App #datafree with minimal redevelopment.

Converting an App to #datafree is quick and simple. You’ll get real-time network connection status; traffic control tools; user and session reporting;  traffic optimisation analytics and more.

Develop a new data-efficient, #datafree App utilising the biNu Platform.

If delivering the fastest, lightest experience is your priority, this is for you. It’s ideal for building an Android mobile app using your backend server skills, or building a #datafree optimised app quickly without significant cost.

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