What is #datafree?

Think ‘toll-free/0800’ phone call – but for mobile internet data.

The #datafree concept uses the telco ‘reverse billing’ model:

  • Selected websites and apps become ‘reverse-billed’, based on IP address and URL
  • Accessing the ‘reverse-billed’ content results in zero data cost for mobile subscribers
  • Subscribers with no airtime? Or no data balance? No problem. #datafree still delivers your content
  • Data usage is aggregated and billed to the content provider
biNu Network Partners

Where is the #datafree biNu #datafree Platform available?

  • South Africa – MTN, Vodacom, Cell C and Telkom

  • Nigeria – MTN and Airtel

  • Additional networks and countries coming soon

Who is the biNu #datafree Platform for?

Internal communication, client outreach, member connection, commercial publishing – biNu delivers an inclusive environment.

Connect with your staff

Can you communicate effectively across your human resource network? Can you quickly update teams in the field?

Do all your staff have mobile data on their phone? Can they connect consistently with your app, website or intranet?

Create efficient, cost-effective, cross-company communication. Train quickly, streamline processes and improve engagement and performance.

Connect with Clients

Can you reach your client base effectively? Can they reach you?

Are your call centres and internet-based services being utilised to their full potential?  Do you want to expand your touchpoints? Are you moving towards omnichannel solutions?

Create new, dynamic communication channels. Maximise engagement and sales opportunity across your client base while reducing operational cost.

Connect with your Members

Is your membership community actively engaging online? Is the cost of mobile data excluding those who need a voice?

Can you be sure you are acting with consensus?  Does the feedback you see truly represent your membership’s views?

Banish the digital divide by delivering a fully inclusive online solution. Embed access, increase participation and improve governance without incurring traditional communication costs.

Connect with your Target Audience

Trying to extend your reach to grow audience penetration?  Are mass-market campaigns failing to resonate with the marginally connected?

Are you fully effective if more than half the population can’t afford the mobile data to reach you?

Ensure instant, easy,  access to your internet services 24/7/365. Increase reach and engagement and drive audience retention and loyalty.

Connect your Marketing Campaign

Are you spending marketing budget on SMS campaigns or Social Media platforms? Is the landing site #datafree?

How can readers engage if they don’t have mobile data, or their data plan imposes browsing restrictions and they are data usage sensitive?

Liberate SMS and online media campaigns with #datafree click-throughs and shortcodes. Maximise visibility with #datafree content and deliver #datafree campaigns.

The biNu #datafree Platform

A cloud technology that eliminates the mobile data cost barrier.

It’s a game-changing concept: an inclusive online presence that maximises your reach potential. Highlights include:

  • We have reverse billing arrangements with mobile network operators in South Africa (Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and Telkom) and Nigeria (MTN and Airtel). Additional networks and countries coming soon.
  • A single provider service implementing #datafree across all major networks
  • Advanced technology allowing implementation of #datafree for:
  • Websites
  • Existing apps
  • New ultra ‘data lite’ apps substantially reducing data costs
  • Monetising apps through full screen, vertical video ads
  • biNu #datafree Platform and tools for app development and implementation
  • Traffic monitoring, optimisation and security control
  • Comprehensive analytics and insights