Is mobile data cost preventing you from reaching your audience?

In Emerging Markets, the cost of mobile data is the biggest barrier to people using mobile services.

The millions of people who own an internet-capable smartphone could browse your apps, sites, notifications and services…

But they don’t, because they can’t afford the data.

Remove the data cost barrier to connect with your mobile audience with the biNu #datafree Platform.


#datafree from biNu takes the cost of mobile data away.

A technology letting you pay for – sponsor – users’ mobile data to access your mobile content.

Think real-time, transparent, reverse billing technology: a toll-free service to view your mobile content on demand through websites or apps.

  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Grow engagement
  • Increase business efficiency
  • Lower communication costs
  • Expand reach, foster loyalty
  • Maximise marketing engagement #datafree

biNu Reverse Billing Eco System

biNu Reverse Billing Eco System